Al-Sihoud Calls On The Govt To Invest Oil Prices’ Rise To Address The Budget Deficit

Al-Amara Former member of parliament and candidate for the State of Law coalition, Muhammad Saadoun Al-Sihoud, called on the government to invest the rise in oil prices to address the budget deficit and implement strategic projects needed by the citizen.

Al-Sihoud said in a press statement today that “the rise in oil prices to more than $ 70 / per barrel for the first time since the fifth of last March, is a great opportunity for the Iraqi government to address budget deficit, especially with regard to implementing stalled strategic projects and allocating job grades for graduates.” As well as returning those whose contracts had been avoided by the members of the Popular Mobilization Forces and other security forces. ”

“It is another opportunity to support the projects of other sectors, especially agricultural, industrial, commercial and service projects, which are in dire need of government funding to advance and upgrade them to be ready to absorb the largest possible number of the unemployed, support the national product and address the services file that has exhausted the citizen’s life due to the state of weakness, slackness and neglect,” he added.

Al-Sihoud pointed out that “the situation in Iraq has become more complicated due to corruption and failure to manage state institutions, and it is the result of the sway of sectarian, partisan and factional quotas from which this government emerged, and consequently the failure to provide services to the citizen who is in need of today to improve his living, service, and health situation. It depends on the government’s budget, which must be improved with the rise in oil prices. ”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency