Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani chaired today, Saturday, a meeting of the service and engineering effort team, in the presence of the head of the Board of Advisors in the Prime Minister’s Office.

During the meeting, according to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office, the work plan for 2023 and its projects in Baghdad Governorate were studied, which includes the rehabilitation of residential areas, and the implementation of the proposed plan for water, sewage, and road projects in Baghdad, for slum areas within the municipalities of (Al-Sadr I, Al-Sadr II, Al-Shu’la, and Al-Shaab, Al-Rasheed, Doura, Al-Ghadir, Al-Kadhimiya, New Baghdad, and Karrada, in addition to the municipal laboratories department and the municipal department in Bob Al-Sham.

The Prime Minister was briefed on all the service and engineering effort projects in Baghdad Governorate, and listened to a review of the team’s funding position from the Ministry of Construction and Housing and General Municipalities, and issued the necessary directives regarding them.

Al-Sudani stressed: “The current plan targets informal areas with regular planning, and provides various forms of services, especially since they are densely populated areas and have suffered from poor services over many years.”

He directed the necessity of reviewing the Baghdad Governorate’s action plan by the advisory office of the Engineers Syndicate before starting work on it. He also directed the effort team to make more efforts to serve the citizens, stressing that all obstacles to the progress of its work would be removed.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency