Al-Sudani: The government’s measures contributed to increasing the national stock of wheat crops and achieving a surplus

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani received, today, Sunday, the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Baker Talabani, and a number of members of the region’s parliament, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Jabr Al-Maliki.

During the meeting, they followed up on agriculture files throughout Iraq, the agricultural season and the marketing season for agricultural yields, the quantities specified for receipt, and ways to absorb the increase in wheat cultivated areas for this year, in the governorates of the region and the rest of the governorates of Iraq.

The meeting also witnessed discussion of the conditions of water dams, including the four main dams in the Kurdistan region, and the importance of providing maintenance and sustainment requirements to preserve their storage capacity, in addition to the possibility of supporting the region’s farmers with modern agricultural machinery and technological techniques that facilitate agricult
ural production and raise its levels.

Al-Sudani reiterated to those present the importance of supporting the pillars of food security, which is no less important than other aspects of national security, pointing to the abundant rains this season, which enabled the cultivation of large areas with economic strategic crops, throughout Iraq.

He indicated that the government’s multiple measures had facilitated the receipt of crops and the speed of payment of amounts, and contributed to increasing the national stock of wheat crops and achieving the surplus. He explained that the joint committees would determine the quantities received from the region, in addition to assigning a specialized team, from the relevant ministries and departments, to follow up on the conditions of the dams and manage their projects with the most appropriate way.

Al-Sudani also stressed that the development of agriculture according to the best management of water resources is one of the goals of the government program, and one of the pa
ths of economic reform and maximizing Iraq’s non-oil resources, and that the government is continuing to achieve this goal.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency