Baghdad The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hakim Al-Zamili, stressed the importance of the Bar Association and the Jurists Union being part of the state system in drawing up the strategy followed by the House of Representatives in this current session, related to trying terrorists, achieving justice, supporting the oppressed and exposing corruption.

During two separate meetings, with Diaa Al-Saadi, head of the Bar Association, and Muhammad Noman, head of the Iraqi Jurists Union, and a number of members of the union, Al-Zamili stressed the necessity of adhering to the ethics of the legal profession, giving priority to the humanitarian and moral aspect over material aspects, providing all assistance to the victims of terrorism, obtaining their full rights in the courts, and calling for forming follow-up teams and coordinate with the concerned authorities to prosecute terrorist killers, drug dealers, slaves, money launderers, and others accused of dangerous cases, and plead for them within the framework of the law and the interest of the state.

Al-Zamili stressed the importance of activating the role of the relevant unions and syndicates in maturing proposals and draft laws in cooperation with all the parliamentary committees to be named after a short period, activating their permanent presence, and their role in relevant governmental community activities, and submitting the necessary proposals on issues that would achieve justice and community security and restore rights.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency