Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hakim Al-Zamili, confirmed: “The Minister of Trade promised to distribute the items of the ration safely.”

In a press conference after chairing an important meeting with the Minister of Trade, the Head of the National Security Agency and the Director of Economic Security, regarding the crisis of rising food prices in the markets… Al-Zamili announced “We will meet with the merchants to discuss the prices of foodstuffs in Baghdad, and we will reach an understanding with them, and then there will be deterrence.”

Al-Zamili confirmed that the House of Representatives will support and increase the financial allocations to the Ministry of Trade to provide the ration card items.

Al-Zamili announced thattraders who manipulating prices will be held accountable, and the security services will go to the markets to monitor prices.”

Al-Zamili, announced that Parliament will legislate a law to support poor families, in cooperation with the government, especially after the financial abundance from the rise in oil prices.

For his part… Minister of Trade Alaa Al-Jubouri announced that: “Tomorrow the ration card items will be distributed, and the distribution will be monthly.”

Al-Jubouri stressed that the citizen’s food is a red danger, and everyone must cooperate, and we have sufficient foodstuffs for everyone, and there is no need to go to the markets to buy them.

Al-Jubouri confirmed that our meeting with Parliament came to coordinate efforts to confront the rise in prices, noting: We found parliamentary support to confront the rise in prices, explaining “we will look for new countries to buy some foodstuffs.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency