Al-Zurfi: Managing The State Requires A Firm And Strong Personality

Baghdad The Secretary-General of the Iraqi Al-Wafa Movement, MP Adnan Al-Zurfi, stressed Iraq’s need during the next stage for a firm and strong personality capable of running the country by adopting a program that addresses the accumulated crises as a result of the failure of successive governments since 2003.

He said in a press statement: “The population of Iraqis has reached forty million, and they need a strong and resolute administration. Otherwise, chaos, conflicts and disputes prevail, and these manifestations do not reflect the shape of the state.”

He indicated that dealing with these manifestations: “requires a unified force and clarity in dealing, and the fear is not able to lead the state.”

He stressed that the person who does not have the ability and does not enjoy it “must withdraw.”
He pointed out that al-Wafa movement, which was founded in 2004, “adopted an electoral program that includes the appropriate vision for managing the state, achieving economic advancement, and adopting a foreign policy that achieves national interests.”

Al-Zurfi warned of the repercussions of boycotting the elections and their danger to the future of democracy, noting that “the electoral process is a national activity, which determines Iraq’s future direction, and without elections, democracy can be stolen by a military coup or armed confrontation. The boycott will drag the country to an unknown fate.”

He explained that: “The broad participation in the early legislative elections will establish the principle of peaceful transfer of power, and boycott means hijacking democracy.”

He continued, “If the political system insists on the previous approach, it is not excluded that a military coup will occur and that certain parties will dominate power.”

He pointed out that most political forces “will lose the electoral race if citizens go to vote, otherwise the old faces will return, which means continued failure.”

He stressed that society is stronger than parties and authority, and : “It represents the extension of the state and the change-maker, and it chooses the form of the next government when it votes for candidates to represent it in the new parliament.”

He continued, “The size of the representation of the new forces in the next parliament will be an important factor in bringing down the losers and removing them from the political scene.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency