Alia Nassif Calls On The Minister Of Electricity To Open An Investigation Into A Corruption Deal Worth $32 Millions

Baghdad The MP, Alia Nassif, called on the Minister of Electricity to conduct an investigation into a corrupt deal in the ministry, worth $32 million, through the contract for Salah El-Din Thermal Power Station project, concluded with the Chinese company (cmec), indicating that the deal was conducted under the supervision of the famous corrupt (W.K. ) .

She said in a statement today that: The contract concluded with the Chinese company (cmec) is a scandal par excellence, as the first unit of the station was operated and loaded only 250 megawatts, and it was supposed to bear 630 megawatts, and after inquiry it was found that the network installed in the station does not bear more than 250 megawatts, knowing that the station consists of two units, each unit has a capacity of 630 megawatts, meaning that the total station capacity is 1260 megawatts. She asked “How will the station be fully operated if the network cannot handle more than 250 megawatts? And how was the contract passed in this way without the presence of huge commissions?

Nassif indicated that: In all contracts of the Ministry of Electricity, the maintenance period by the company implementing the project is no less than a year, but in this contract, the maintenance period is only one month, and there is a paragraph in the contract regarding training affiliates to operate the plant in China, but the training was not completed and the entire amount of paid to the Chinese company.

Nassif called on the Minister of Electricity to conduct an investigation about this deal and on all suspicions of corruption related to (W.K), who we previously published many scandals in previous statements, including his attempts to pass contracts for the first and second Baiji stations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency