Alia Nassif comments on the agreements of the Ministry of Electricity: “Siemens” is in the forefront and “Orascom” is behind the scenes

Baghdad  Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif, confirmed that any agreements or contracts between the Ministry of Electricity and the German company Siemens will be concluded behind the scenes with Orascom, after the Siemens name is used as a cover only, calling on the Integrity Commission and the Anti-Corruption Committee headed by Lieutenant-General Ahmed Abu Ragheef to verify these agreements.

Nassif said, in a press statement, that “the Ministry of Electricity discussed on July 29 with Siemens the maintenance of the Nasiriyah thermal station, the Rashid gas station and the Baiji station, which we previously warned of the existence of agreements to subcontract them to Orascom, which is suspected of corruption, and there are strong relations between them and whales of corruption in the Ministry such as (WK), (FJ), (N) and the rest of the well-known thieves,” she wondered: “Why this spin and use the Siemens name as a cover for the operation instead of referring it directly to Orascom?”

Nassif called on the Integrity Commission and the Anti-Corruption Committee headed by Ahmed Abu Ragheef to “return to previous statements in which we explained in detail the intentions of this (clique) to loot millions of dollars of public money by referring the first and second Baiji stations to Orascom, with the need to intervene and verify all agreements, and the understandings that the Ministry of Electricity is making with companies, whether Siemens or others.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency