Allawi accuses Qatar of trying to divide Iraq

BAGHDAD - Vice President Iyad Allawi has accused Qatar of adopting a plan to divide Iraq, interfere in the Palestinian "schism" and encourage extremist forces in "attacks" on Egypt.

"Allawi called, during a press conference held in Cairo and followed by Nina," to the frank, "noting that" the basis of the draft division of Iraq, which was supported by Qatar was "to embrace the Sunnis and call for a Sunni region in exchange for a Shiite region.

He added that "Qatar intervened in the schism that took place on the Palestinian level and encouraged some radical Islamic forces in their aggression against Egypt."

He pointed out that it is time to talk all of us frankly and put the points on the letters and we reach the results, and must be faced with all these irregularities and all these problems.

He added that it was supposed when US President Donald Trump visited Riyadh and met Muslim and Arab leaders "to tell Qatar what is being said today."

Allawi called for "a direct dialogue between Qatar and the Arab countries, which deals with the definition of facts and what Qatar did and what did not work and then reconciliation , or clarity and isolation, isolating the state that wants to hurt others, whatever this state," adding that "frankness is the key to the solution."

Allawi is in Egypt for talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and senior officials on oil and conflicts in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar this month and demanded it stop supporting militants and groups it considers "terrorist."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency