Allawi Calls For Urgent International Campaign To Alleviate The Suffering Of millions Iraq’s Children

BAGHDAD - Vice President Dr. Iyad Allawi described the latest report issued by UNICEF on Iraq's children as "horrific," warning that the report indicated a social catastrophe threatening the future of Iraq.

He added in a press statement today that the UNICEF report contained frightening and serious information on the situation of children in Iraq cannot be exceeded at all, stressing the need to deal with this information seriously and put urgent plans to reduce their effects.

He confirmed that the circumstances witnessed by Iraq during the last three years will appear clearly to millions of children and will be reflected negatively on their actions, which foreshadows a future social disaster that extends to all aspects of life.

Allawi called for an urgent campaign adopted by the United Nations and with the support of the international community to alleviate the suffering of these children and to address the negative effects caused by the occupation of their cities and the liberation battles they experienced and the plight of the displacement they lived according to clear programs and mechanisms within specific time limits.

He also called on the government agencies and concerned parties to exert double efforts to alleviate the suffering of children in the liberated areas and camps of displacement, pointing out that failure to face their plight would be a crime against Iraq and its future.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency