Allawi From Manama Calls To Hold a Regional Conference to Discuss Regional Situation

BAGHDAD / Vice President Iyad Allawi called for a regional conference to discuss the conditions of the region.

He stressed during his participation in Manama dialogue in 2016 that "the void that has plagued Iraq and then to Syria, which has become ripe for large and complex problems, and even the Palestinian issue has become more complex."

He added, "The so-called Arab Spring almost stormed other countries," calling "to convene a regional conference to discuss the situation carefully in the region after the Arabs reached a stage hit all countries with weakness and fatigue as a result of the bloodshed and chaos.".

Allawi, during his meeting in the Bahraini capital Manama, with Bahrain Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander, Deputy Prime Minister Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, stressed the keenness to return Iraq to the Arab world.

A statement from his office on the sidelines of his participation in Manama 2016 quoted "his commitment to re - Iraq to his Arab world " stressing that "the depth of brotherly relations between the Iraqi and the Bahraini praising the leadership the efforts of Bahrain to strengthen the historical ties between the two brotherly countries." / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency