AlSadr: The Bombing Of Erbil Airport And Others Doubled The Number Of “Occupation Forces” Instead Of Forcing Them To Withdraw

Baghdad  The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada alSadr, confirmed that the bombing of Erbil airport led to the doubling of the number of “occupation forces” instead of forcing them to withdraw from the country, indicating that there are beneficiaries from the presence of foreign forces in Iraq.

AlSadr said during his meeting with the political body of the Sadrist movement, and MPs of the Saairun bloc, today, Sunday in AlHanana, that “if the Sadrist movement surrounded the Green Zone in order to release (soandso prisoner), if we were the ones who bombed the airports of Erbil and Baghdad and some headquarters, the occupation would have become (a prophet ) of the prophets, and they classified us as terrorists, and moved planes and tanks against us.”

The leader of the Sadrist movement pointed out that the bombing of Erbil caused an increase in the number of foreign forces in the country instead of forcing them to withdraw, saying: “What did the bombing of Erbil airport and others achieve, except that the occupation forces added 4,000 soldiers, instead of wanted to withdraw.”

He added: “There is a beneficiary from the presence of the occupation, and if these forces leave, they will lose their livelihood, for these people have their sustenance with politics and without politics they become (zero), as well as some others who their sustenance by the resistance because they are zero without resistance,” adding, “If this is real resistance in the first place.”

The leader of the Sadrist movement continued: “If the Sadrist movement defended a corrupt one of our corrupt, did the world not rise and not sit? If we were the ones who crucified in alWathba Square or others during the previous reform demonstrations in 2016, what would have happened? I imagine that at least an alliance will be formed a new international alliance, and we will be classified as terrorists,” adding that “if we threatened to burn the ballot boxes, and that there would be no elections at all, we would have become enemies of democracy and freedom .”

AlSadr directed those present at the meeting to “follow the reform trend, and a path that does not involve normalization.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency