American newspaper: The US Department of Defense formed the largest secret army in the world

Baghdad A report published by Newsweek revealed that the US Department of Defense has formed a secret army of 60,000 elements that are not under the control of any other authority in the United States.

In a report published today, Monday, the newspaper said that in the last 10 years, the Pentagon has formed the largest secret force the world has ever seen. About 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many of them work under false identities and in complete secrecy, as they are all part of the signature reduction program.

The report pointed out that these forces, which are more than 10 times superior in the scope of the secret elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), carry out internal and external missions in military uniform or civilian cover and in real life or on the Internet, sometimes hiding in private business and consulting companies, including a group of names registered inside.

It stated that about half of these 60,000 members are individuals in combat pilgrimages that carry out covert operations in various parts of the world, and there are some others represented by intelligence and counter-intelligence experts who also work often under cover outside the United States, and there is also a third section formed by specialized groups in Cyber operations and counterattacks in cyberspace operate mostly on US soil.

The newspaper reported, according to its sources, that the activities of these secret forces annually cost about $ 900 million, and some 130 companies covered up their work.

The report indicated that the true scope of the operations of this secretive Pentagon army, which has never been subjected to examination by Congress, remains unknown, which means that the numbers may be much higher.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency