American website: A car for King Faisal I was offered at public auction

Baghdad The American car-scoops website, which specializes in cars, stated that a museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, will offer a car belonging to King Faisal I of Iraq for sale at a public auction.

The site specialized in cars said: The Indianapolis Speedway Auto Museum will continue to offer the cars it owns for sale at public auctions, and will put two Mercedes-Benz cars, expected to achieve a great price.

Among the two cars on display is a 1930 Mercedes-Benz, of which only 117 cars were manufactured between 1930 and 1939, and its chassis bears the plate (Baghdad – 83807), which was ordered by King Faisal I, and it was equipped with four doors and a liftable triple roof, from Next to the German company / Fühl & Rohrbeck / in Berlin.

The site indicated that the car remained owned by the Iraqi state during the reign of both King Ghazi and King Faisal II, but it became owned by the Indianapolis Speedway Motors Corporation in 1967, and its renewal was completed during the seventies.

The Iraqi-origin car has since that time participated in the rallies parades of old cars.

The car is black, its upholstery has been renewed in red, and its engine has a capacity of 7.7 liters, and it has a three-speed manual transmission.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency