An attack by Daesh by ten car bombs driven by suicide bombers on a military headquarters in Ratba foiled

BAGHDAD / / Anbar Operations Command forces repulsed an attack was carried out by the Daesh organization by ten car bombs on a military headquarters in Ratba west of the province.

A security source said, according to the popular crowd website that Daesh organization launched this morning, an attack on the headquarters of the Third Battalion, First Division stationed east of Ratba city, by 10 car bombs driven by suicide bombers," noting that the suicide attack was accompanied by an attack of the elements of Daesh with all weapons.

The source added that a force of the army repulsed the attack and destroyed all the suicide car bombs and killed the suicide bombers, as well as the killing of a number of elements of Daesh attackers," adding that the third regiment headquarters is under the control of the security forces," .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency