An Attack To Daesh South of Sinjar Foiled

BAGHDAD / Units to protect Sinjar foiled an attack launched by "Daesh" terrorist, at dawn on Monday, south of Sinjar.

A leader of the protection units of Sinjar, Haval Dijwar said in a press statement that the terrorists attacked, at four o'clock in the morning, three strategy points which to the units of protection of Sinjar near "Medioan" village, indicating that violent clashes erupted between the two sides lasted nearly two hours.

He added that Daesh used about 10 vehicles in the attack, adding that protection units of Sinjar fighters destroyed one of the vehicles and seized another one, and forced militants of "Daesh" to withdraw, stressing that the attack did not cause any casualties among the units.

He explained that many of the terrorists' corpses still lying near the trenches and units of protection of Sinjar, expecting some 100 members of "Daesh" participated in the terrorist attack.

The three points that came under attack on Monday, were freed by the protection units of Sinjar two days ago as part of the campaign, which was launched under the name of "revenge for Yazidi women" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency