Expert on economic affairs Salam Semaisem criticized the imposition of large taxes on citizens in the budget of 2018, stressing that the budget deficit of 13 trillion dinars will be borne by the citizen only.

"The budget deficit of 13 trillion dinars will be financed by imposing taxes on citizens, while direct taxes will be on income, including employees, retirees and non-direct on goods and services and thus the citizen will pay it and will increase the degree of inflation that will be reflected negatively on the Iraqi economy. "

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives yesterday approved a budget of 88.5 billion dollars with a deficit of 11 billion dollars, amid the boycott of the Kurdish MPs, who oppose the reduction of the proportion of Kurdistan Region in the budget from 17 percent to 12.6 percent, which worked for the years following the fall of the former regime in 2003 .

The budget allocated 20 billion dollars for investment expenditures and projects, and adopted the price of selling oil at $ 46 a barrel, at a production rate of three million and 888 thousand barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels of oil produced in the Kurdistan region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency