An Economist Confirms The Difficulty Of The Success Of The PPP Law In Presence Of Corruption

Baghdad Economic expert, Saleh Al-Hamashi emphasized the difficulty of the success of the Public-private partnership (PPP) law, in the presence of corruption.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that: For the purpose of the success of the PPP law, the government must prepare a package of decisions to liberate the economy from the grip of the state.

Al-Hamashi added that: The first of these decisions is the insurance and guarantee law, capital protection, development of the banking sector, and a review of the stock market.

He explained that: The most important thing in endorsing the partnership is the elimination of the scourge of corruption that threatens every initiative and law, stressing that: Working to end corruption is the first step for the success of any economic law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency