An Economist: Investment Is The Real Entrance To Economic Reform In Iraq

BaghdadAn expert in economic affairs, Safwan Qusay, confirmed that investment is the real entrance to economic reform in Iraq, stressing the need to activate the role of accounting and its infrastructure.

Qusay said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “adopting the government’s economic reform approach requires an orientation towards investment, which is a real entrance to economic reform by activating the role of accounting in Iraq by accelerating the adoption of international financial reporting standards for all companies operating in Iraq and whose shares are listed in the Iraq stock market, because the process of preparing accounting information according to those standards will develop confidence in accounting information and move the Iraqi market for securities to attract foreign investments and thus expand economic activity in the shortest way and at low costs.

He added: Activating the role of accountability in leading the oversight process by all agencies concerned with combating corruption will activate the ability of the Iraqi economy to rise away from the hands of the corrupt.

The economic expert stressed the need to invest accounting minds with international orientations to lead the control and investment process.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency