An Economist: Iraq should prepare its investment environment and take advantage of the advent of the European Investment Bank

Baghdad Expert in economic affairs, Raad Towaij, confirmed: “The recruitment of the European Investment Bank in Iraq will contribute to attracting European companies to the country and strengthening the Iraqi banking system.”

Towaig said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “News from the European mission in Iraq indicates that Europe wants to send the European Investment Bank for the purpose of strengthening its roles in Iraq, as well as preparing for investment through the arrival of European companies to Iraq,” stressing the need to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in European banks, i.e. joining its membership or participating in it in order to initiate the arrival of these banks.”

He continued, “Iraq must re-create its investment environment in order to be an attractive factor for European companies, and this matter requires cooperation and coordination between the two parties, and it is possible that this trend is synonymous with the Sino-Iraqi agreement.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency