An Economists: The French Total Deal Will Be The Beginning Of Historic Investment Deals In Iraq

Baghdad An expert in economic affairs, Raad Twij, said that Iraq has signed a major investment deal with the French company Total, worth 27 billion dollars, provided for historic French investments and a French Marshall project in Iraq.

Twij said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “Iraq signed a major investment deal with the French company Total worth 27 billion dollars and four giant projects, both at the level of the Artawi oil field 85,000 in barrel per day until it reaches 210 thousand barrels and the other is the Artawi gas field of 600 million cubic feet and then liquefied gas 3000 tons per day within the first two contracts and the other contract, the supply of joint sea water with 7.5 million barrels of water and the establishment of a solar power plant with 1000 megawatts, indicating that all contracts have benefits in using modern technology, training Iraqi workers, providing new job opportunities for Iraqis, reducing gas burning and reducing gas flaring.

He stressed, “This deal is rightly considered a French Marshall Plan in Iraq, and it may be a prelude to historic French investments and could close the gap of weak investment in Iraq in the previous stage. This is, in fact, one of the unique economic diplomacy outcomes of the current government, which is increasingly attracting the senses of developed countries, including France, which enters with Iraq as a promising partner and provides mutual intentions for such a partnership.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency