Najaf A large, Elite Clan Gathering from central and southern Iraq called for a revolution to develop the reality of the collapsed infrastructure in central and southern Iraq by activating the strategic agreement with China and the sharp approach to the completion of the Faw port project.

One of the officials in the gathering, which was held in the capital, Baghdad, Latif al-Jubouri said, “Due to the poor services our governorates suffer in central and southern Iraq and the complete collapse of the health, educational, cultural and economic infrastructure, it was decided that we meet in this honorable forum to discuss the basic issues that our children suffer from and that affect Negatively affects all segments of the Iraqi people.

Al-Jubouri explained, “the Gathering stresses that the reasons for the collapse are due to the disintegration of the sons of the same component, and the attempt to target certain parties for the benefit of others to serve foreign interests, the loss of oil wealth and the spread of corruption in all the centers of the Iraqi state, the suspension of work at the great port of Faw and the attempt of some political parties the deportation of Iraq from the Chinese Silk Road to serve foreign interests.

He added that among the other reasons are the attempts of some to introduce customs and traditions that are deviant from our society and our authentic Arab customs, in addition to the horrific spread of drugs in society.

The conferees warned in a final statement that ignoring these demands would lead to declaring major demonstrations, and then civil disobedience.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency