Baghdad The American (Johns Hopkins University) stated that the number of confirmed infections with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) around the world has risen to 413,480,802 cases.

The Johns Hopkins University indicated, in the latest statistics published on its website, today, Tuesday, that the total deaths due to infection with the virus around the world rose to 5,826,378 deaths.

It pointed out that the United States recorded the largest number of cases of infection around the world, which amounted to more than 77.9 million cases, while India’s death toll exceeded 42.6 million, ranking second, followed by Brazil with more than 27.5 million cases.

According to the latest data, the United States topped the list of countries in terms of the number of deaths due to infection with the virus, with 922,473 deaths, followed by Brazil in second place with 639,151 deaths, and then India in third place, with a total of 509,358 deaths.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency