An Invitation To Ghanimi To Visit Ankara To Discuss The Presence Of Turkish Troops In Northern Iraq

BAGHDAD / Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Ashik called on Chief of Staff, Iraqi Defense Undersecretary Othman Ghanimi to visit the Turkish capital Ankara to discuss the issue of the presence of Turkish troops in northern Iraq camp Ba'shiqah.

Turk Press quoted Ashki in a press statement at the headquarters of the Turkish parliament in Ankara as saying that he "sent a letter to Ghanimi urging him to visit Ankara," noting that "the message came after consultations with Turkish Foreign Minister and Chief of Staff.".

He stressed the importance of the unity of the Iraqi territory for his country.

He pointed out that he "met with Ghanimi at a meeting of ministers of defense of the international coalition against / Daesh / which was held a few months ago in the British capital London, pointing out that the date for the latter's visit to Ankara has not yet been determined.

Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim said during a news conference with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last Saturday in Baghdad that his country's troops will not withdraw from the camp Ba'shiqah before peace .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency