An Iraqi-Russian Agreement To Enhance Cooperation In The Field Of Maritime Transport

Russia and Iraq signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of maritime transport.

Sputnik Russian Agency stated: The Russian government issued directives to the Ministry of Transport to start implementing the agreement, which aims to facilitate the movement of goods and passengers through sea ports.

It added: The draft agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Iraq for cooperation in the field of maritime transport was approved, based on the proposal of the Russian Ministry of Transport and Coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other executive bodies of actual interest.

Sputnik continued: Within the framework of this agreement, the Russian Ministry of Transport was assigned to hold talks with the Iraqi side to reach a final agreement to sign the agreement.

The agreement aims to facilitate and improve maritime transport operations between the two countries, by simplifying customs and border procedures at ports.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency