An MP Reveals The Outcomes Of The Basra MPs Meeting With The Governor


Basra The MPs of Basra Governorate held a meeting this evening, Wednesday, in the presence of Governor Asaad Abdul-Amir Al-Aidani and his two deputies, to discuss the problems of electricity, salinity and water scarcity in the governorate.

The head of the National Aqd (Contract) Bloc, MP Abdul-Amir Al-Mayahi, said in a press statement, “The attendees discussed the problems and accidents that occurred in the past days in Rumaila and Khor Al-Zubair power plants, which were subjected to a technical defect. Obstacles were reviewed and solutions were discussed to make electric power stable in Basra Governorate in a particular way, and the rest of the southern governorates in general.”

Al-Mayahi referred to the discussion of the water file in the Basra governorate, the establishment of water desalination plants on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab, the sea water desalination project, and the large Basra water project, as well as agricultural areas that are outside the basic design and need services and maintenance of pipes and in the presence of the Basra water director in order to provide services.

He continued, “A parliamentary delegation will visit the Prime Minister regarding Basra’s petrodollar allocations and the allocation of “Gulf 25″ funds, which will be from the federal government and not from the allocations of Basra Governorate.”

The meeting was attended by the advanced cadres of the management of the South Electricity Distribution Company, the South Production and Energy Transmission Company, the Basra Water Director, the Water Resources Director, the “R-0” project manager, and the Great Basra Water Director.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency