Araji: There Are Common Issues Bring Baghdad and Riyadh Together

BAGHDAD - Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji confirmed the presence of commons bring Baghdad and Riyadh together.

He said during the meeting held by the Iraqi Center for Media Development, which dealt with security and society and the procedures of the Ministry of Interior to extend the rule of law and combat crime and terrorism, "during a meeting with the Saudi Minister recently, I found that there is keenness of Saudi Arabia to activate bilateral relations and direct meetings," noting that "great part of problems was because of the mediators between the two countries who distorted the facts,.

Araji revealed the presence of three Saudis in Iraqi prisons their sentence ended because of crossing the border into Iraq, pointing out that "a proposal was submitted to the Prime Minister to conduct an exchange between these prisoners and two Iraqis detained in Saudi."

He stressed the need to build balanced relations with all countries to ensure the interests of Iraq, rejecting that Iraq to be the basis for any aggression on any country, while at the same time rejecting external interference in Iraq's internal affairs, pointing out that "the Interior ministry sent delegations to South Korea and Iran, to buy border controls to enhance security."

He added, "post-Daesh is very important and the youth must be contained in the liberated areas by combining national mobilization with the army and police forces. This is what was presented to the prime minister as a proposal by me," he said, pointing out that he asked intelligence and security to activate their role significantly, and to increase the number, even the number reached 100 thousand officers and associates, to be eyes in the street and regions and rid the country of armed phenomena. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency