Aras Habib: The electoral competition is through what has been achieved, not through settling accounts

Baghdad Member of the House of Representatives for Baghdad, Aras Habib Karim, stressed today, Friday, the necessity for the electoral competition to be honorable and free from the fall of others or to make it a means of settling accounts, indicating at the same time that the competition is through what has been achieved that deserves to be proud of it and not Just field visits in which favors of political money are distributed.

Habib said in a statement: “In countries with democratic systems, competition is through the ballot boxes every four years through the bragging achievement of the competitors or the projects they intend to implement.”

He explained, “We have the opposite verse in Iraq, competition is just a projection of the other and may reach the degree of settling accounts in various ways.”

Habib added: “The achievement is no more than field visits in which the people’s needs are bought at a low price or the distribution of favors from political money. We need the courage to stand in the competition and in the strife.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency