A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources, Awni Diab, announced the postponement of the expected visit of the delegation of the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources to Tehran, to discuss the water problem that Iraq faces with the Iranian side, until next month.

Diab said in a press statement that, “tomorrow, Sunday, a delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources was scheduled to go to Iran to discuss the water issue, but the visit will not take place tomorrow and has been postponed to next month.”

Diab explained that the visit was postponed at the request of the Iranian side, due to the government’s preoccupation in Tehran with preparations for the elections.

It is noteworthy that Darbandikhan and Garmian are the areas most affected by Iran’s suspension of water flow to Iraq, as the water level stored in the Darbandikhan Dam decreased by 11.5 meters compared to last year, and the production of electric power decreased by 75%.

An Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Water Resources was scheduled to visit Tehran, tomorrow, Sunday, June 13, to discuss with Iran the suffering of the water crisis and the significant drop in the water level in the Sirwan River and Darbandikhan Dam.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency