Azm Coalition: There Is No Salvation From The Current Situation In Iraq Only Through Ballot Boxes

Baghdad The Azm Coalition announced what it described as the only way to save Iraq in the next stage.

The head of the political body of the coalition, MP Khaled Al-Obaidi, said in a press statement: “Sectarianism and corruption are the reason for the deterioration of the situation in Iraq at various levels, since Iraq has gone through dangerous stages due to the wrong construction on a sectarian basis and the basis of corruption, and sectarianism and corruption will not result nothing but devastation.”

He added, “The revenues of the Iraqi state from 2003 to 2021 amount to (1,000) billion dollars, and the Iraqi citizen fears death if he went to a government hospital, education is in deterioration and basic services are lacking, and the citizen in the heart of the capital, Baghdad 2021, requests the provision of safe drinking water projects.” .

He explained, “The foundations of corruption in Iraq are the international and regional powers in the region, because they live on this matter and want Iraq to remain in its current weak and fragile state, and there is no salvation for the current situation of Iraq except through the ballot boxes.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency