Baghdad Operations arrests (13) defendants, including ‘Women’ gang for human trafficking

The Baghdad Operations Command announced the arrest of (13) defendants, including a ‘women’ gang, for human trafficking, and the seizure of a number of weapons, ammunition, and other prohibited materials.

The Command stated in a statement that as a result of the regional search and inspection operations carried out by our security units in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the units attached to them, and with intelligence support, the forces were able, during the past 24 hours, to arrest (13) accused according to various legal articles, including a gang consists of ‘two women’ in accordance with Article (5) of the Human Trafficking Law. They were arrested inside an apartment in Al-I’lam neighborhood next to Al-Karkh, and others for crimes (organized and criminal, drugs, theft, possession of unlicensed weapons, and violating residency and nationality requirements), in addition to the seizure of weapons and ammunition and other prohibited materials in different areas of the capital, Baghdad.

National Iraqi News Agency