Baghdad, MP for the state of law coalition, Mansour al-Baiji stressed that the next government will be formed by the will of Iraq purely and we do not allow any external interference to form it.

He said in a press statement that “despite all the external pressure on some political parties to form the next government, but the state of law coalition and those who believe in our project will not allow to have any impact on forming the government and it must be purely Iraqi.”

“The state of law coalition is the closest to form the largest bloc within the House of Representatives through understandings and consensus between most of political forces that believe in the project of the political majority away from consensus or partnership that destroyed the country and the body of the state has been broken over the previous years.”

He explained that “the Fatah Alliance and the Kurdish parties and some other political forces are the closest and there are high-level understandings between us to announce the largest bloc, which is hoped to be announced after the Eid holiday after the Federal Court ratified the election results.”

Al-Baiji welcomed “anyone who believes in this project without any veto on any bloc that believes in it in order to form a strong government capable of running the country away from the quotas or partnership and consensus that has brought us to this critical stage.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency