Baghdad / NINA / -MP for the state of law coalition (construction alliance), Mansour al-Baiji said the candidate for prime minister has not been resoled so far and what is going on in the arena of names are just media leaks.

He said in a press statement “talks and understandings are continuing between the coalition of construction and other political blocs in order to choose a suitable person for prime minister that must be a strong personality capable of running the country in the coming period and this will be resoled in the coming days.”

Al-Baiji added “the construction bloc is in ongoing talks with the rest of the other blocs as it is the largest bloc within the House of Representaties and proed this matter with definitie eidence after the election of the Iraqi parliament speaker after the candidate of the construction bloc won the highest otes and its constitutional and legal right to submit its candidate for prime minister.”

He explained that “there are adanced understandings between the construction coalition and reform and reconstruction alliance to choose the next prime minister in accordance with the specifications demanded by the supreme authority.”

Al-Baiji pointed out that “there are seeral names for the premiership, all respectable, but so far no specific person has been chosen and we hope that this matter will be resoled in the coming days.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency