The Italian ambassador to Iraq, Bruno Pasquino and the Italian consul general in the Kurdistan region, Serena Muroni discussed with President of the Democracy and Justice Alliance, Braham Saleh the latest developments and political and economic changes in Kurdistan, Iraq and the region, "

Saleh's press office said in a statement "Saleh received the Italian Ambassador to Iraq, Bruno Pasquino, and the Italian Consul General in the Kurdistan region Serena Muroni yesterday evening in the city of Sulaymaniyah. During the meeting, they discussed the problems between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad, where both sides agreed on the need to solve the problems through dialogue with emphasis on the importance of guaranteeing the constitutional rights of the Kurdish people.

The meeting also stressed the work of all parties concerned to confront the threats facing the region and to find radical solutions to the crises to end the cycle of turmoil in the region.

On another axis of the meeting, Saleh stressed the importance of addressing the crisis of governance and the living conditions of citizens, saying "holding fair and transparent elections away from fraud and manipulation of results and clean the voters' lists and return to the people's decision is the right way to democratic and peaceful negotiation of power."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency