Barzani discloses outcome of his visit to US

President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, met with the leaders and representatives of Kurdistan Region’s political parties in Salahaddin on May 18 to brief them on the outcome of his successful official visit to Washington, D.C., in particular about his meetings with President Obama and Vice President Biden at the White House.

A statement issued following their meeting said that, “In their meetings with the US President and Vice President, President Barzani and his accompanying delegation were encouraged by the support pledged for the Kurdish people and for the understating towards the policy of self-determination pursued by the Kurdish people. Although defeating ISIS is the priority, but the people of Kurdistan have the right to explore the possibility of self-determination.

The meeting described this visit as the most successful official visit by the Kurdistan Region Presidency.”

The meeting also focused on the issue of oil exports and the recently agreed deal between Erbil and Baghdad. The participants expressed their hope that the Iraqi government resolves this issue as soon as possible.

They expressed their support for the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government to find solutions to the current economic problems facing the people of the Region.

They also hailed the bravery and sacrifices made by the peshmerga and called on the KRG to do all it can to improve the welfare of the peshmerga and their families.

President Barzani also talked about his visits to both Budapest and Prague where he met with the Presidents and Prime Ministers of both countries to discuss cooperation and their support for the peshmerga forces in the fight against ISIS.