Barzani Heads To Brussels To Discuss The Referendum With The European Parliament

Baghdad- The presidency of the Kurdistan region announced that the President of the region Massoud Barzani headed on Monday evening to the Belgian capital Brussels to meet with officials of the European Parliament.

"Barzani headed yesterday with a delegation from the Supreme Council for Referendum in a diplomatic tour to hold a number of meetings with the Committee on Foreign Relations in the European Parliament in addition to meeting with some officials in Belgium.

For his part, an official in the presidency of the region said, "Barzani will discuss with European Parliament officials the issue of referendum, which Kurdistan intends to hold next September and to separate from Iraq."

He added, "The Kurdish delegation seeks to reassure the EU countries that the referendum and the possibility of separation later from Iraq will not harm any party, and that it is in everyone's interest and is in the interests of the stability of the region,"

Source: National Iraqi News Agency