Barzani: The Decision To Hold The Referendum Is A Historic Decision Has Been Resolved

Baghdad - The President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani confirmed that the decision to hold the referendum is a historic decision and has been resolved.

Barzani said during his meeting with representatives and leaders of parties and political parties that are outside the parliament of the region, to discuss the decision to set the date of the referendum in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the Kurdistan regions outside the administration of the region and exchange views on the political situation in the Kurdistan region, adding that "The referendum is linked to the life of the citizen in Kurdistan , and wished that all parties would participate with utmost seriousness and enthusiasm in this process.

During this meeting, after extensive discussions and exchange of views and observations on the issue of the referendum and the ongoing political process in the region, and taking into account the international circumstances and sacrifices made by the people of Kurdistan over the course of their honorable struggle, the participants expressed their full support for the referendum process and for the decision of 25 September 2017 as the date for the referendum.

The parties participating in this meeting pledged that they would do their utmost to ensure the success of the referendum process and asked their representatives to play an active role in the committees concerned with the administration and conduct of the referendum process.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency