Barzani: The Referendum Will Not Pose A Threat To Anyone

Baghdad - "The referendum process to be held in the Kurdistan region on September 25 will not pose a threat to anyone," said Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan region. "The current situation if stay as it is will be a great danger," he said.

"The purpose of the referendum is to protect the people of Kurdistan from the recurrence of disasters and tragedies in the future," Barzani was quoted by KUNA as saying on the sidelines of his meeting with the Kuwaiti media delegation.

On regional concerns, Barzani said: "The countries around the region should not fear the referendum because the Kurdistan region has proved in the last 26 years a stabilizing factor in the region."

Barzani added that "the region's economic and political relations in the region will be stronger after the referendum."

Barzani said that "the Iranian-Turkish objection to the referendum is due to the presence of Kurds in their countries," noting that the United States of America did not show rejection, but said that the time is not appropriate.

Barzani explained that "the referendum is the decision of the people of Kurdistan and the people is higher than the parties and will not give up his right and will not back down from its decision under any pressure."

Barzani pointed out that "based on past experiences, it is better that the region and the Iraqi government are good neighbors to prevent more problems."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency