Barzani to US Ambassador: Kurdistan Region Goes Towards Referendum And Independence By Peaceful Means

Baghdad - The President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani confirmed that the Kurdistan region is going towards the referendum and independence by peaceful means through dialogue to obtain his rights.

"Barzani expressed his thanks and appreciation to the people, government and army of the United States of America for their role in eliminating terrorism and providing assistance to Iraq and the Peshmerga forces," Barzani said during a meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas A. Silliman"

Barzani said that "before the start of the liberation of Nineveh, we called for political and administrative plans beside the military plans for the province of Nineveh, but unfortunately there are no such plans and now the beginning of the problem."

"Under the coordination and cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army and the support of the US-led international coalition forces, the liberation of Mosul is nearing completion with the defeat and destruction of Daesh and expulsing them from Mosul," Barzani said, stressing that the reasons and factors must be ended.

The two sides, according to the statement, discussed the issue of holding the referendum on September 25, and Barzani explained the reasons that led the Kurds to take this step. He said, "The people of Kurdistan go to referendum and independence by peaceful means through dialogue to obtain their rights. "

For his part, the ambassador stressed during the meeting the process of liberating Mosul and its repercussions, and the concern resulting from the violations that occur after agreements that may cause future problems and the danger to peaceful coexistence between the people .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency