Basra Crude Prices Rise.. And Its Light Exceed $70 A Barrel

Baghdad The prices of Basra Light and Heavy crude recorded, on Wednesday, a noticeable increase, as the light oil exceeded the $70 barrier per barrel.

The prices of Basra Light Crude, to Asia, rose to $70.18 a barrel, a rate of 1.70%, while Basra Heavy crude rose to $66.71 a barrel, an increase of 0.72% over last Thursday’s prices.

Basra Light recorded the highest prices compared to other OPEC countries, as Saudi Arab Light recorded $69.54 a barrel, UAE Murban blend $69.67 a barrel, Algeria’s Sahran blend $68.81 a barrel, Nigeria’s Bonny Light recorded $69.37, and Angolan Girasole $70.07. barrel.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency