Basra crude records the highest prices in OPEC

Baghdad The prices of Basra crude, “light and heavy”, rose today, Wednesday, recording the highest prices within OPEC.

Basra crude rose $1.62, or 2.32%, to $71.49, while Basra Heavy also rose by $2.55, or 4.16%, to $63.80.

Basra Light recorded the highest prices in OPEC, as Saudi Arabian Light crude recorded $70.22 a barrel, while the price of Iran Heavy Blend reached $65.28, the UAE Murban Blend reached $69.02 a barrel, and Algeria’s Sahran Blend recorded $69.31 a barrel, while the Nigerian Bonny Light recorded $69.05, The Angolan Girasole reached $69.07, and the Kuwaiti Kuwaiti to $70.78.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency