Basra Oil Company Issues A Clarification Regarding Kuwait Digging Oil Wells Near The Border With Iraq

Basra / NINA / – The Basra Oil Company issued a clarification regarding what was rumored on social media that the State of Kuwait is drilling and constructing oil wells 100 meters from the border with Iraq.

The company’s media, according to a statement received by the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /, referred to the topic of the video circulating in social media on the issue of the presence of oil drilling rigs on the border strip with the State of Kuwait, explaining, “The video is fabricated in terms of distance using the zoom technology, so that it makes illusion that the distance is not more than 100 m, for reasons of stirring public opinion.

In its statement, the company called on everyone to be accurate in disseminating the information and to refer to the specialists to clarify matters./ End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency