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Basra Operations Commander: We will not allow Basra to be a theater for outlaws

Basra The Commander of Basra Operations, Major General Ali Abdul-Hussein Al-Majidi, affirmed that we will not allow Basra to be a theater for outlaws.

During his presence at the mayor of Qurna district, the Operations Commander stressed the inevitability of reaching the end point in eliminating clan conflicts, noting that the security forces carried out search operations in the districts of Al-Hartha, Al-Deir and Al-Zubayr.

He added, “today’s operations resulted in the arrest of two wanted persons, according to Article 406, within the areas subject to inspection and the confiscation of light and medium weapons and various types of ammunition.

The operations commander added, “We have coordination and joint work with the leaders in the neighboring provinces, and the escape of those wanted by the judiciary outside the geographical borders of Basra Governorate does not mean that they escape from the judiciary, and we will pursue them outside the responsibility sector.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency