Basra Police Chief: Preventing some journalists from media covering in public places will not be repeated

Basra, The Basra Journalists Syndicate branch hosted this evening Basra Police Chief, Major General Qasim Rashid Zuwaid, to discuss facilitating the work of journalists in covering activities and preventing them from being subjected to harassment.

The Basra Police Chief said, “My visits today to journalists are for the security of Basra, and it is safe, and everyone must cooperate together,” noting: “What happened in preventing some journalists from media covering in public places is a mistake that will not be repeated.”

He confirmed that he would issue a call and that the affiliate would be held accountable with penalties that could reach imprisonment if any journalist was prevented from performing his work duties in the Basra arena.

For his part, the head of the branch, Sadiq Al-Ali, stressed the necessity of freedom of journalistic work in public places, as guaranteed by law, without harassment from the security services, pointing out: “There are complaints received from time to time from some journalists who are exposed to harassment while performing their media mission under the pretext of the lack of approvals from the security services.

He added, "The journalist carries a professional message in order to convey the truth without distortion and falsification because he carries the concerns of his province and conveys them to his media outlet."

Al-Ali pointed out: “The journalist does not carry a weapon or attack others. Rather, he carries a thought, a pen, and a camera with which he documents and monitors events.”

The head of the branch called on the operations and police leadership to cooperate jointly with journalists and the media to facilitate their mission in covering the governorate’s activities, stressing that the branch will be of assistance to everyone.

Some journalists were prevented from photographing and media coverage on Shatt al-Arab Corniche, which aroused dissatisfaction with the journalists, and they demanded solutions to this situation.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency