BAGHDAD, The parliamentary bloc of Biyarq al-Khair confirmed its support for peaceful demonstration and non-infringement of government departments in Basra.

“We support peaceful demonstrations because it is a legitimate right for the people of the oppressed people and we do not accept infringement on the people of Basra who demand the most basic rights that the central and local governments should provide them,” the bloc said in a statement.

The bloc called on the army and the security services not to override the people of Basra because the human being and his life above all considerations.

It called on the people of Basra spare to pay attention to the infiltrators and not leave them to tamper with the capabilities of Basra. “We ask the Almighty, the security and safety of our beloved Iraq and its people wherever they are.

On the other hand, the bloc strongly condemned the blatant attack on our Iraqi people in the city of Quesengaq and ask the Almighty the forgiveness of the innocent and wounded victims who were the result of the attack.

It expressed strong support for the formation of a team of brothers and members of the House of Representatives to go to the place of the attack to find out the truth of what happened.

It is worth mentioning that the Biyarq al-Khayr parliamentary bloc includes Mohammed Al-Khalidi and Alia Faleh Al-Amara.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency