Border Ports Authority Discussing With Iranian Officials Trade Exchange And Control The Entry Of Prohibited Items

Baghdad The head of the Border Ports Authority, Major General Omar Al-Waeli, met the governor of Ilam and officials in the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The media office of the head of the Border Ports Authority stated that “during the meeting, the process of trade exchange between the two sides was discussed, solutions to the existing obstacles and provisions for controlling the entry of materials prohibited from import were discussed in order to protect the local Iraqi product, and a full commitment to the preventive measures against the Coronavirus was also emphasized, and the necessity of transferring areas of trade exchange to Iraq because it is the importing party for the employment of Iraqi manpower.”

The statement added, “The Iranian side demanded the opening of new ports with the province of Ilam, with a border crossing in Wasit and another in Maysan province.”

Al-Waeli stressed that “these issues are among the tasks of the Diwani Order Committee 194 of 2019, which requires the presence of the Iranian delegation to Baghdad, which did not attend despite repeated calls for resolving outstanding issues and all files related to Iraqi ministries and government bodies, and reviewing the committees’ reports to come up with recommendations and the results will be in the presence and approvals of the competent authorities.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency