Baghdad Britain intends to work with its partners to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to excerpts published from the speech of British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

The speech, which is expected to be delivered by the British Foreign Secretary during the activities of the “Manama Dialogue” in Bahrain on Saturday, excerpts of which were published by the British Foreign Ministry, stated that “Britain intends to work with our friends to deter the threat emanating from Iran, prevent the smuggling of conventional types of weapons and prevent the regime from Possession of capabilities to manufacture nuclear weapons.

According to Cleverly, “The Iranian nuclear program has made more progress today than it has ever been before, which represents a threat to the entire region.”

Cleverly’s letter includes accusing Iran of “providing Russia with weapons to use in the conflict in Ukraine,” which the British Minister considered “a flagrant violation of the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that led to fluctuations in the energy market and damaged international food security.”

It is expected that the British Minister will travel from Bahrain to Qatar, where the FIFA World Cup matches will start on Sunday, and he will attend the England national team match with the Iranian national team on the 21st of this month.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency