British Ambassador Confirms Helping Iraq To Attract Investment Companies To Lay The Foundations Of Stability And Development

BAGHDAD -The British ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker said his government is continuing to help Iraq in attracting investment companies to lay the foundation for stability and development.

"The strong economic relationship between Iraq and Britain can help boost growth, jobs and prosperity in both countries," he said in his weekly statement.

"The British capital of London will witness two important events this week to help intensify bilateral economic relations, the first is the Iraqi Conference on Trade and Investment, which will be held on July 3 and 4, organized by the British Arab Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Iraq in London. The aim of this event is to show that Iraq is open for business and to highlight local investment opportunities and the second is Iraq-Iraq Business Council on 7-9 which will include presentations and discussions in an informal setting. "

"Both events will bring together senior government and industrial figures from the UK and Iraq, and government officials in the UK will attend," he said.

Baker stressed that "foreign investment has a vital role in all parts of the world, especially in Iraq, because the country rebuild its infrastructure and institutions after years of economic and security challenges." He pointed out that "the United Kingdom is at the heart of this process, through attracting the investment it needs and help the British companies wishing to do business here, which will not only support our expanding bilateral relationship, but also help lay the foundations for economic stability and development. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency