British Defense Minister: The International Coalition Efforts Liberated More Than 2 Millions

BAGHDAD / British Defense Minister, Michael Fallon said "The international coalition efforts against " Daesh ", culminated in the liberation of more than two million people from the grip of Daesh during the past year.

Fallon confirmed before the MPs that "military operations that aim to eliminate " Daesh "in Iraq, made " great progress, "expected that Iraqi forces will succeed in the liberation of the city of Mosul during the current year."

British defense minister added that Syria democratic forces gradually advancing towards the city of Raqqa, which represents the capital of the terrorist organization in Syria, pointing out that "Daesh" has lost more than 25 thousand of its militants in the operations of the coalition forces and Iraqi forces and the Syrian opposition.

Fallon said the British fighter jets carried out last year 1200 air strikes against "Daesh targets " in Iraq and Syria, saying that Britain air force is not involved with such intensity airstrikes since the second Gulf War 25 years ago. "

Fallon pledged that Britain would continue to support the international coalition forces until the liberation of Mosul and Raqqa and the elimination of "Daesh", noting that his country has trained more than 32 thousand of Iraqi forces ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency