British Intelligence Reveals Major Plot For “Daesh” Against Europe

BAGHDAD / British general revealed that authorities received a number of intelligence data from the organization "Daesh" terrorist in Syria, shows the organization plots to attack a number of European countries.

"The Times" newspaper said that the British "The latest data reveals that" Daesh "plans to target several European countries, including France, with documents and digital data did not specify if there was a conspiracy against Britain.

Gen. Robert Jones, deputy commander of the operations against Daesh led by the US-led said in a press statement," The intelligence data that we reached last July are shared with the rest of the intelligence alliance to ensure resolved them as soon as possible."

These data led to seized five terrorists in Marseille and Strasbourg a few days ago they were planning to carry out a terrorist act, but the French authorities did not mentioned the target that was planned by cell, but they tightened security measures on the criminal investigations office in Paris.

General Jones said, "It is expected to disclose many data about " Daesh "in Mosul," adding," There is a tremendous amount of information and documents that we will make use of them in uncovering plots of Daesh against all countries in the world. "

The statements come at a time when the United States warned its citizens against traveling ahead of the New Year's holiday, telling them there is "high risk of terrorist attacks in various parts of Europe," .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency